Real Estate services are available but homeowners or tenants cannot be on the premises during the shoot (allow for 2 hours) and I ask that the property be visibly cleaned. I  wear a face covering and medical exam gloves as well as minimizing any direct contact with the environment. Walk-through videos and/or images are edited and sent to the agent within 24 hours. I am currently offering all services at a 50% discount from listed prices - we're all in this together. Contact me to book a date/time and to arrange access to the property. 


High Resolution Images & Video

Excellent quality photography and video services for real estate listings, rental properties and commercial buildings. Digital production is optimized for your website / social channels or for printing.

Portrait/Headshot - C U R R EN T L Y - S U S P E N D E D -

High Resolution Images for Web or Print

Do your need an updated portrait or headshot?  Book a portrait session! for high quality digital images. Your finished set of photographs are professionally captured, produced and optimized for websites, social channels and/or for printing. 

  • Individual Portrait Session $75  (Discount is available for group sessions)

One or all of your images can be produced on a transparent white background or any other of your choice and can include your logo or branding. 


example - property listing promotional video


As an add-on to the photography session you can choose to engage potential buyers with a video slideshow that is customized with titles, listing info, your logo/photo and a music track. Many styles and options. Finished run-time is typically 1-2 minutes.

The captured images that highlight the key selling features are integrated into this promotional video for use on your website and your social channels such as Facebook,  Twitter or YouTube.