Price $100 (discount available for groups)
Personal Portrait / Headshot sessions are on-location photo shoots. I bring the backdrop with me. These may be for your business card, website, publications, PR or social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook Business Pages. I take care of everything, you relax and I'll do the rest. Professional grade photography equipment creates sharp images with perfect lighting for whatever look you desire.
After consulting with you about where the photos will be used, I photograph multiple angles and poses and then edit the images to produce high resolution images that suit your specific needs. Here are some of the popular options:
White or Transparent Background is a clean white or transparent background is created from your photos, allowing for superimposed logos, marketing materials etc.
Solid Colour Backdrop is similar to the white background but you can choose solid black or any color to enhance logos, reflect company colors, etc. A color gradient background can also be created.
Blurred Background is the classic soft background image that draws attention to the subject. Some call it the "bokeh" effect. These portraits are done on site with any surroundings you choose (your office, home, park etc.) as your background.
In Focus Background is just what is sounds like - both the subject and their surroundings are in sharp focus. You choose the space and I will make suggestions for poses and angles that will look best with the background.
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