About Me

Grant Criddle


My photography journey began in high school with a 35mm film camera and developing in a darkroom. Of course you could only see how your photos came out later so I had to learn about lighting, aperture, shutter speed and everything else to get decent looking photos  Then digital arrived and it made everything a lot simpler. But I know one thing - the principles of capturing really great photographs hasn't changed at all.  They are exactly the same as everything I learned way back in high school. 

My Approach

regina photographer

The specific objectives of any photography session will always guide my approach. With clients, it naturally begins with what their objective is for the session - what do they have in mind? We typically discuss that in advance and come up with a session plan. On the day of the shoot  I'm considering the lenses that will work the best for the angles and details to be captured. and any lighting setup that's needed for properly exposed images or video. As with most things, preparation is the key to successful results. 

The Finished Product

photo editing

My objective above all is that you are fully satisfied and very happy with your finished product. Professional editing to finalize the look and quality of your photographs or your video is always included. I create a polished product that meets your specific requirements with advanced tools such as Lightroom, Luminar, Photoshop, Aurora HDR, Premiere Pro and After Effects among others. This professional grade photography and video production software ensures finished media of the highest quality.

Professional Photography Services